Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Hola Amigos!

I am just back from the dreamiest of vacays with David. We spent 11 nights all inclusive in the El Dorado Royale resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. El Dorado means ‘Adults only’ so we were all set for a peaceful break. The resort has five stars and also has access to the sister hotels next door (El dorado Casitas & Generations which is the child friendly resort). The resort has access to six pools, fifteen Gourmet restaurants, nine bars and plenty of different cuisines to try ensuring that we didn’t get bored which typically happens when you go to a standard all inclusive resort.

So firstly, we upgraded our flight from economy to premium with TUI. This was my first time in the premium club and let me tell you this, it was worth EVERY penny! I felt spoilt and comfy throughout the entire flight. The extras included priority boarding, access to the VIP lounge, a glass of Champagne when we boarded, all the leg room in the world, really comfy leather seats, premium club toilets on board, decent headphones, an upgraded four course meal and the cherry on the cake: all inclusive alcohol!!! #Livingmybestlife.

The resort itself was beautiful and kept thoroughly clean. Every morning there was an army of troops outside pruning, planting and just generally keeping the place looking sassy AF. It was a HUGE resort and getting from one side to the other could take fifteen minutes on foot however they have plenty of bikes you can borrow and golf buggy taxis that are always about to offer you a ride if you are walking the same way. They also offer a shuttle bus out to Cancun during the day and Playa del Carmen in the evening.

The pool areas were great, most had swim up bars and plenty of sunbeds & hammocks plus we also had access to the exclusive premium club pool with our own pool boy and butler (we wanted to bring him home but kidnap is illegal in Mexico also). Apart from one day of storms (our first day, typical) other than that we were lucky as it was in the late 20s / early 30s the whole time! Which I usually would praise the lord for, but in Mexico the UV is strong… even with a factor 30, sunbeds before I went and being a serial sun worshipper I still burnt to the point that I blistered! Come noon the hotel turned absolutely barren and even the hardest of sun worshippers had to retreat to the pool or into the shade. According to Ivan our personal concierge, it was hotter than usual for April. Not sure if that was good or bad but I came back browner than I left so winning overall!

We also did some amazing excursions ranging from visiting the ancient Mayan ruins and learning about their STRANGE culture and sacrificing of little girls (EEK) to snorkelling with turtles and quad biking. We had a dreamy lil candlelit dinner on the beach and some amazing massages and get this, I even used the gym facilities!

You will all know by now that I am trying to conquer my fear of the sea… on my travels to Mauritius last year I snorkelled for the first time as well as taking an under water walk (you can read about that here). This year the anti was well and truly upped!

Not only did I snorkel with the sea turtles and sting rays, but I bloody scuba dived!! Yes me.. yours truly I went down 30 feet under the sea, to be at one with the sharks ok spoiler: there were no sharks but the point is there could have been! ANNNNDDD I did it all by myself! (well I mean there was a group of us that went from our hotel)… but I lost Dave on the way down as his ears couldn’t cope with the pressure so it was just me, my new scuba friends and Alan the uber cool scuba instructor who pretty much could sense my fear and hung back with me like the nice guy he is! Cheers darl! when I resurfaced you should have seen me flapping and waving to Dave at the back of the boat like ‘babe did you see that? Baaaabe did you see me, I carried on, I was scuba’ing all by myself and ahhhhh *insert mouthful of seawater right here*. I did it #Allthesmiles.

So yeah the highlight for me was that.

For Dave, it was the quad biking on the most insane trail we have done so far… I saw snakes and had the quad on two wheels and everything! The jumps and sand dunes where mental! It is pretty hard to explain so I have added plenty of pictures for you instead.

So yeah basically Mexico gets a big thumbs up from us… Another amazing holiday to tick off the list.

I now have a serious case of the holiday blues and cannot wait to book the next one.

Here are the visuals.


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