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The £5 dress for every occasion.


So I have to share this with you… Just recently one of the ladies at work had a package of clothes delivered from She got a gorgeous cardigan, a fitted work dress and a few other bits. I was really surprised by the quality of everything tbh. Every item was really soft and looked/felt like it was going to survive the washing machine. Until then I firmly believed that ‘you get what you pay for’ and that cheap clothing doesn’t really fit well or wash up nice. Anyway she convinced me to give it a go and at £5 an item, I didn’t have much to lose. So I ordered two summer dresses for my holiday to Mexico. Unfortunately I only got a good picture of one of them, but it was my favourite of the two and the one that got the most comments anyway.

It’s so versatile I think its the perfect holiday dress for wearing in the evening, it would be great for a BBQ, a day at the races, a girls night out, even work if you like your bright colours.

This dress was super lightweight and a soft material but not see-through at all. It has a cute tie up waist belt that sat in the right place for my waist (I struggle with this usually) the frill detail on one shoulder was lovely and it has a thin strap on the other side. Overall I am really impressed as it just fitted perfectly everywhere and I had like a million compliments on it!! The quality was on par with a Next dress and for £5 it was a total steal. I teamed it with a pair of gold strappy wedges from Linzi shoes and a little gold clutch bag.

So before I took it away with me I put it through the washing machine and guess what? Not only did it survive the wash, the colour didn’t run at all anddddddd the best bit, it didn’t need ironing after #winning!

Needless to say I will be putting another order through in the very near future as my summer wardrobe needs some TLC.

It’s still available to buy here.

What do you think?!



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