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Kitchen project – Before, During & After.

Hello you! It’s been a while 🙂

I must admit my heart hasn’t really been in it since this time last year, my regular followers will understand why, however since having our kitchen completely gutted and a brand new everything installed, I am suddenly full of creative energy again. I am sitting writing this with a cup of tea ok I lied it’s wine but that’s not the point, in my new favourite room in the house!! HAHA I can’t believe my favourite room in the house is now the kitchen! Did you ever think this anti-anything-kitchen-related chick would say that?!

So, our previous kitchen was small, I mean so small that it looked like it should have been in a dolls house rather than our three bedroom detached! It was frustrating as the room itself is pretty big but there was just HUGE amounts of wasted space and hardly any cupboard space at all. We ended up buying random side boards and odd bits of furniture that didn’t match and trying to fill the gaps and we struggled to fit our stuff into what was already in place. Why do new builds always have the most basic kitchens!?! GRR.

The planning process was pretty straight forward, we like similar things and had decided to keep it modern with whites, light greys and blacks. We knew the rough layout that we needed to use in order to maximise the space we had and so we set about looking for our kitchen. We were looking for light grey, shaker style units and black granite tops with really light grey walls.. all sounds very boring I know, but wait until you see the ‘after’ pictures, it looks amazing. We looked in a few shops but nothing quite fit the image that we had in mind.

Dave stumbled across a great website that sells ex display kitchens at really good prices. We found one that would almost fit our space perfectly and it was everything we wanted & more, it came from a show room and had top spec Neff appliances. The kit this kitchen came with was incredible for the price tag and certainly something we could never have afforded if we purchased everything individually from a shop. It works out we saved ourselves a whopping £15k and the kitchen fitted perfectly with only one very small filler panel being needed on top.

I won’t go into too much detail on the project itself as the pictures speak for themselves however what I will say is this. Firstly, make sure you have the room to store a kitchen if you are not having it installed straight away. We had to wait two weeks between the kitchen being delivered and the company coming to install it and I literally had kitchen EVERYWHERE! Oh hun, you think I am exaggerating, that’s cute! (see pics) We had no kitchen at all for several days in between (Shout out to Redlodge Kebabs & the local pub for keeping us fed and watered).

Secondly if you live in East Anglia then check out Ashtree property improvements (this is not an AD, this is genuine and I can’t thank them enough).  Within 10 days of Kitchen Dave arriving at our house he had completely transformed it from a 1/10 to a straight 11/10!

My Dave is pleased that I love it so much as I have never been so inspired to cook and actually visited Tesco two days on the trot to buy ingredients for meals that I – yes I, want to make!! I have also kind of declared this my new ‘blogging office’ because it’s so pretty now!

Anyway I think I’m rambling a bit now, I did say it has been a while… So here goes, ladies and gentleman, rise to your feet and welcome our stunning bride woops I mean kitchen…








Spoiler alert: I probably shouldn’t have dried my hands on the tea towel right before I decided to take pictures! DOH.

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