How I care for my bleached hair.

So after the last time I vowed never again to put bleach in my hair PAAAHAA who was I kidding. Terri + Summer = Highlights! I love that subtle sun-kissed look however this time I have definitely achieved more than just a few highlights. Of course with bleach comes dry, frizzy and damaged tresses. So this is how I am currently nurturing my hair back to good health.

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Cutting down on washing my locks.
This is a killer because I love squeaky clean hair and like to wash it daily, however I now wash it every 2-3 days and I have invested in a dry shampoo for in between washes. I like the Batiste Heavenly volume dry shampoo.

Avoid using additional heat.
That is ditching the straighteners, curlers and avoiding blow drying where possible. This is much easier now that it is starting to get warmer because I literally let my hair dry naturally and then tie it up. I am loving the messy topknot or the sleek ballet style bun or just a big poofy ponytail.

Extra Gentle shampoo.
My current favourite is the Ginger Anti Dandruff shampoo from the Body Shop which I got for £6. This is really gentle and doesn’t have a lot of harsh chemical in. I love this because it also great for dry scalp and helps combat dandruff I use this once a week in between my normal shampoo.

John Frieda Full Repair everything!
I am loving the John Frieda Full repair range. It smells fantastic and is safe to use on colour-treated hair and I have currently got the Shampoo & Conditioner which I use regularly.

Hair Masks.
I am using hair masks at least twice a week. I currently love the John Frieda Miraculous recovery intensive hair mask £6.99 from Superdrug which combines milk, vitamin E and avacado oil and helps combat the frizz and makes my hair super shiney. I am using this once a week at the moment. I also use Biokeratin Hydrating Hair Masque which I bought in TKmaxx for £6. It smells so beautiful and its really hydrating without leaving my hair feeling greasy and flat. I leave this on for about 15 minutes at least once a week.

Heat Protection Spray.
This is really important with summer approaching and especially if you use a lot of heat. I alternate between Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime & Loreal Elvive Smooth & polish thermo-detangling spray. However I was recommended Revlon’s Professional UniqONE all in one hair treatment by my hairdresser. It is a leave in mask which has 10 different benefits! I will be purchasing this one when my other two run out.

Swap your brush for a Wide Tooth Comb.
I bought the Babyliss Detangle rake comb after my hairdresser recommended that I should try to avoid using a brush on my hair when it was wet as hair is most fragile and likely to break when it is wet.

Regular trims.
This is an important step because bleaching will no doubt result in split ends and split ends result in breakage. Getting regular trims with help keep hair manageable and looking/feeling healthier.  I try to get a trim every 6-8 weeks schedule permitting.

Please let me know if you have any other tips or have come across any miracle products that you would recommend.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset



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