Meet the fur babies.

I love being a cat mum to these three adorable creatures! They each have their own hilarious personalities and traits. All three of them love sleeping on my side of the bed (thanks Dave!) and are very partial to a Felix ‘as good as it looks’ pouch for a treat.

We have Tia the silver tabby – AKA – Teabags, Tee and Trouble.
I should mention that Tia is in fact a boy, but I was assured he was a girl when I get him, hence the girls name! It was only when I took her to get done that the vet kindly pointed out that I would need to change both the operation and his name.  The vet suggested TYRONE (PMSL). Tee is the youngest, the hunter and the naughty one!
We regularly receive ‘GIFTS‘ from this lil troublemaker.


‘You Talking to me? PUNK!’  T – The cheeky baby! (Excuse the messy floor)

We have Dino, the most dog like cat you will ever meet. He loves to laze around and is usually found attached to Dave. (Daddy’s boy). Dino loves a yogurt and he could be at the end of the garden but if you open a yogurt lid, you will be wearing him like a scarf within seconds! He also is not very good at jumping so he kind of just pulls himself up and he is the biggest clutz I have ever met (that is an achievement given that he lives with me who ranks a close 2nd). He is very expressionate and instead of mewing he yips when he wants your attention. We think he must be part maine coon down to his traits and size.


‘Does my bum look big in this?’ – Dino – The yogurt loving Dogcat.

Last but not least we have Gizzy the long haired tabby cat. He is the most quiet & timid though quite partial to a mad 5 minutes! Gizzy is the prince of the family and everything is on his term, you will not get cuddles or love unless he decides it is what he wants. He is partial to seafood with a great love of prawns. He is the best behaved and least troublesome of all our babies.


‘I’m watching you’ – Gizzy – The quiet/Mysterious prince.



The boys making sure I am revising!






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