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Things I miss most when I’m on holiday.


Loving life.

Don’t get me wrong, going on holiday is like my most favourite thing to do E V E R! But after two weeks in a foreign country there is a little spark of magic that comes from landing back on home turf. Obviously I am not really over the moon about getting back to the English weather or going back to work for that matter… but being away makes me miss all my home comforts, I love getting home and feeling refreshed and oh-so-sassy with my new tan after a few weeks in paradise. I am me, but such a better version of myself, ready to take on the world and Oh yeah the two suitcases of dirty washing. So if I could take these home comforts with me when I go away, I would probably never come back!

A proper cup of tea!
Let’s face it, no other country can do tea like we can.
We da bestest!

The fur babies.
They are so adorable and it breaks my heart knowing they won’t speak to me for the first 3 days of being back let alone cuddle up on my lap! *Insert sad face* I just want to squeeeeeze them so much!

All those recorded Hollyoaks episodes!
Literally cannot wait to get my fix and find out the latest! Sorry David but i’ll be binge watching for at least a day.

Good Internet connection.
Most hotels have some form of connection now days but its so annoying having to upload like 6000 photos in the lobby in that short space of time between beach and cocktails.

Home cooked food.
Proper home cooked meals because I have probably had it up to my eyes with seafood and buffet food. Give me a roast dinner or sausage mash & Gravy asap.

My bed.
My bed is bae & there is no bed quite like my own.

The Gossip.
Catching up with the girls, family and work and listening to all the summer tunes that were released while I was away. How could so much happen in two small weeks!?

Dairy Milk chocolate.
It doesn’t matter where I go, the chocolate is never the same. I can’t wait to get my hands on a dairy milk wholenut as soon as I land and better make it large to make up for lost time!

Now as soon as I get all these things I am just about ready to go away again! (usually before I have even finished the 2nd load of washing). It’s probably a good thing I am only allowed 20kg in my case otherwise I would be trying to take it all with me on my travels!

Where to next?!



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