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5 reasons why you should download the Fitstar app.

So I have been eating well and trying to up my exercise game lately but I have been struggling with motivation at home. I have been going to a few exercise classes at my local sports centre and just generally trying to be more active by doing ‘home workouts’ and taking long walks in between classes.

Typically I struggle to pick myself up of the sofa without a plan of action so Fitstar has been a big help in motivating me to have a quick workout instead of scoffing crisps in front of the TV. It’s just like having a live-in personal trainer and I really think everyone should take advantage of this.

So here are five reasons why I think you should download Fitstar now.


  1. Firstly you can link it to your fitbit.
    If you do one of the workouts on Fitstar it counts towards your daily exercise goal on Fitbit. YAY!wp-1490965180665.jpg
  2. There are lots of free workout sessions to try.
    I have tried four of the free workouts so far and each one has been a good mixture of  different exercises. Your chosen trainer will also show you how to do each move before the timer starts so if you don’t know what a wall squat is, don’t panic!wp-1490965175841.png~
  3. You get to choose if you found each exercise easy, just right or hard.

This is great because it then alters your next session taking into account how you found the previous one. 


4. The 7 minute workout means even the busiest bee can workout!
I use this one the most at the moment. I’m sure everyone can find seven minutes to burn 100 calories! 


5. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.
You can keep track of your progress, see how many workouts you have done and having someone telling you what to do really makes you stick to a workout plan.


Have you tried Fitstar? I would love to know what workout session is your favourite.





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