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Confessions of a hot mess…

Hot Mess: A Person who’s physically/sexually attractive but an emotional/psychological disaster area. Extremely charismatic in short bursts; typically but not necessarily great in the sack; impossible to live with. Female Patron Saint: Lindsay Lohan.


That’s me.

Is anyone else feeling like this?!  I mean I am handling life atm but like, barely ya know?  I am in that place where I feel like all I want to do is scream “EFFFF IT ALL” and run & hide on a desert island with a cosmopolitan (or three). I seem to go through this phase every now and again where I literally burn myself out and life just seems to get on top of me.   I get all emotional & stressy and even the smallest of tasks seem monumental. Anyway this is pretty much my life; Medium bursts of happy followed by pro-longed periods of chaos and destruction. For the last few months it has been one thing after another with not many breaks in between. However, dare I say it, I think things are starting to calm down again. YAY!

So you may notice the name of this post is also the new name of my blog 🙂 I felt it was much more fitting than Tou89lou. I also feel like I have finally found a direction for my content. My messy, chaotic, hormonal antics will be out there for the world to see! So before I start writing new posts I feel I should probably confess a little more about me and what you can expect to read.

My confessions…

  1. I always give myself the hardest time.
  2. I Don’t know how to relax.
  3. Telling me I need to relax does not help me to relax.
  4. I never say no and therefore I usually end up taking on way to much at once.
  5. I like to plan my life in advance and can’t live without my diary.
    (I lost it once and had the worst breakdown EVER).
  6. I get mad AF if things do not go to plan.
  7. I exaggerate.
  8. Once my mind is made up that’s it… All systems are go.
  9. OMG lists, lists everywhere! I literally put everything on my daily to-do list even ‘Chilll‘ FFS it’s obsessive!
  10. I take everything to heart and struggle to emotionally detach from situations.
  11. I cry a lot.  Like I could fix a drought with my tears.
  12. I will make a mountain out of a mole hill 8/10 times.
  13. I question everything. Oh and then I question it some more!
  14. Every day is a roller-coaster of ups & downs. I don’t spend a lot of time in the middle.
  15. I would not cope without my BFFs, my immediate family or my bae. #Fact.
  16. I am the most impatient person ever. #AlsoFact
  17. I let my brain get carried away at night and have the strangest dreams.
  18. I have anger issues but i’m working on them.
  19. I want to be skinny but I love eating way toooo much.
  20. I lost where I was going with this list at around number 14. LOL


Anyway if after reading a little bit about me you think you will enjoy reading more about my life, my mistakes, my happy days and all the chaos in between then great. I will do my best to entertain you accordingly and hopefully someone out there will be able to relate in some way (Hit me up if you do). If my blog doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then I promise I wont be offended…

Ok I lied, I will be a bit offended.






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