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8 Mistakes that I’m glad I made in my teens.

My teens were a time of questionable fashion choices, orange faced web-cam selfies and endless all nighters over the park drinking Glens vodka or 3 litre bottles of White Lightening cider. #LivingTheDream. Sometimes I think that if I knew then, what I know now I would have done things so differently however we were just young, carefree and rolling with the times. I was in such a rush to grow up and raging with hormones that I did not understand yet. Most of my decisions were made on a whim or in a drunken haze and TBF things aren’t that much different except now I have some life experience behind me and it saves my butt  on the odd occasion. I think most teenage girls go through a similar phase of pure chaos and if you didn’t, are you even a girl? I can look back now and see that  in some way or another we were all pretty much in this shiz together.

I learnt a lot of valuable lessons in my teens and ones that have served me well in my 20’s. So I am glad I made awful choices over a glass of cherry Lambrini, I am glad I was a bit (!) of a rebel because I now have some decent life experience, and I make far better decisions that lead me to have a very fun and happy life.

So here are the mistakes that I am glad I made.

Mixing with the wrong crowd.
Omg I was a little bitch, the people I hung around with were also little bitches and the trouble we used to get in was horrific. Now that I am older if I get a bad vibe about someone or I don’t like something they do I don’t have them in my life. Hanging around with the wrong people taught me how the right people act and I like those people, not complete angels, not complete bitches just the right mix of both. They are my kind of people.

Dying my hair red.
I started life as a blonde but of course we are never happy with what we have and I was a rebel so I wanted bright red hair because I wanted to be different. So I did it. Well, let me tell you something hun, whilst I LOVED playing mermaid with my gorgeous red hair and all my Facebook profile photos were 100% on point, it was a complete nightmare to reverse!  Unless you want to spend 6 months trying and a LOT of money to get a natural colour back, seriously think it through before you go post box red.

Staying with a serial cheat because I was scared to be alone.
What a wimp. I was so scared to be in my own company when I was younger that I dated a guy for a year knowing deep down that he was messing around behind my back with his colleagues but not really doing anything about it. I am glad I made this mistake because when I eventually grew a pair and left I decided at that moment that I would never ever put up with it again, and I haven’t.

Dropping out of college.
I do not regret this (though maybe I should, IDK) I went to college for a grand total of three weeks before dropping out and getting myself a job in a bank. I then worked my up without getting into £123,456.00 worth of Uni debt. I am also more qualified now than some of my Uni friends thanks to distance learning and night school. I earn’t a good wage and still managed to further my education in my own time whilst experiencing the real world.

Making terrible fashion choices.
Combat trousers with tassels, Nike dunks, shag bands, a blue fringe, double denim, gypsy skirts with that big viking looking brown belt, trousers with a skirt over the top (WTF) velour tracksuits, I could go on but I don’t want you to be sick. The point is I made some terrible choices but then didn’t we all? I don’t regret it because I love finding old cringe worthy photos in the loft of the old squad rocking the same outfit in different colours! Also to be fair some of those choices have come around again cue crop tops, chokers and denim skirts. Hey boo!

Partying almost daily.
I have always been a bad drunk, but I am glad I got all my partying done in my teens because I am all clubbed out. I can’t think of anything worse then spending Fri/Sat night in a dark room with sticky floors and being groped by strangers! (Apparently some people my age still enjoy this now) Does that make me old? I’m not sure but either way I would way prefer a nice meal and a glass of wine nowadays in a setting where I can actually hear the girls gossip.

Getting into debt.
Credit cards do not equal free money boo! I certainly regretted this for a long time (Whilst working two jobs and having no life trying to pay it back). In hindsight it was a valuable lesson that I am glad I learnt early on in life. I am 1000 times more sensible with my money now and pretty much debt free, I will never go through that again. How many people can say that at 27?

Working in a call centre.
Wasn’t this everyone’s first job? A call centre is one of the bitchiest environments EVER. I hated it at the time, but it taught me that I was not prepared to settle for a crappy call centre job, I wanted a grown up job where they respect me and don’t just treat me like a number and so that is exactly what I went after and I really enjoy my job now.

I’m just going to leave these here…wp-1489674105659.png



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