Skin care splurge, oh why not?! 

Ooooo I just love a mid-month beauty splurge, it’s a sure fire way to cheer me up. Especially given that my skin has been in terrible condition lately and resembles that of a spotty teenage Terri. Eww. Time to take action and get myself a proper skin care routine and replace all my miss matched usual’s with a set of decent products.

Skin background: I have combination to oily skin at the moment (Damn you winter!) Which means that generally I have dry skin but with an oily T-Zone. I have also had a really stressful few months which is wreaking havoc and causing breakouts.

So, after asking all my girlfriends for advice, reading a lot of reviews and taking the Clinique skin type test , I settled on this little lot.


Here we have the Clinique 3 step system and the city block sheer SPF 25.

Cleanse – Exfoliate – Moisturise – Protect.

The 3 step system:
To be used twice daily.
Step 1: The non-drying liquid face soap.
Step 2: Clarifying lotion to sweep away pollution and excess oil
Step 3: The Dramatically different moisturiser.

The City Block Sheer SPF25: Daily sunscreen that absorbs excess oil, protects and works well as a face primer. (I love a product that does more than one job because tbf I am lazy).

The 3 step introduction Kit for type 2 skin.
City Block Sheer SPF25

Update 30.05.17: After using the 3 step system until they ran out – I can confirm that they did nothing for my skin and I will not be repurchasing. I will however repurchase the City Block Sheer SPF25 as it works well as a primer and protects my face from the sun.

Feel free to drop some alternative suggestions below as I am now getting desperate.


3 thoughts on “Skin care splurge, oh why not?! 

  1. I personally haven’t tried the City Block Sheer, but I have been using the 3 other steps that you’re using now. It’s so quick to use (less than 5 minutes even with waiting for the toner and moisturizer to dry) and sooo worth the money.

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