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Goodbye Tou89Lou its been emosh.

Good Morrrrrrnnninnnnnngggg!

*Insert SMILEY FACE here*

Today I am really excited… I had a moment of clarity yesterday and finally decided on a blog name and direction (after a year of doing this lol!)

You see Tou Lou is a nickname my mum gave me… 89 is the year I was born. Tou89Lou has no meaning to anyone else, it doesn’t really give any insight into what I am about and its pretty boring. I spent a long time when I started blogging trying to come up with something more sassy but it just never happened and then I gave up worrying about it.

Anyway yesterday while writing a new post it finally came to me and so my blog will now be known as Confessions of a hot mess.

My content won’t change much, I will still be doing what I am doing now but I will also be writing more posts about the emotional roller-coaster that is my life and how i’m handling it trying to handle it.

So I hope you will stick with me and hopefully relate or find humour in my new content that will follow shortly.






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