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My top 10 pet peeves list.

Hey dolls,

I got really frustrated on the crowded train the other day. Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when  someone else squeezes on and stands in your personal space. Said person is also chewing gum and for the next 20 minutes of your journey all you can hear is them slapping their soggy lips together really loudly? Ahhh I hate it so much. I just want to re-train them in the art of eating and put them on the naughty step for 10 minutes. I honestly think it is so rude. Not many things really annoy me tbh, I am generally pretty laid back but this got me wondering what else really grinds my gears and below is my ultimate list of things that really annoy me.

My biggest bugbear is hearing someone slap their lips when they eat.

Closely followed by seeing someone eat with their mouth open.

Chipping my freshly painted nails breaks my heart.

I hate running late, especially when it is someone else fault.

I hate having to phone utility companies or the bank because its always so aggy and takes forever!

Being let down at the last minute sucks so much.

It’s so gross when people do not cover their mouths when they cough.

I really hate it when people stop suddenly in front of you without looking behind them first.

Oh & people who jump the queue make me really mad.

I hate those people who insist on spelling my name wrong even though it was right in front of their face. That is just downright rude.

Can you relate to any of these?
What are you pet peeves?



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