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January is over.. finally!

Hey dolls…

So, I know it’s slightly late but Happy New Year ♥

I am sooooooooo pleased that today is February 1st! Does anyone else feel like January 2017 was the longest one so far?  I feel like I have been waiting for this day for like 4321 years! I just wanted to briefly catch up with you because as you know I have been offline for a while and January has been a pretty tough month for my family.

Some of the rough stuff: 

Firstly my Mum still has two weeks left of her Radiotherapy and Chemo and the side effects are starting to really take their toll on her. It’s been awful to see her in agony and not be able to comfort her, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and she is now on the home straight. She just has to remain strong for two more weeks and then it should all be over *crosses fingers, toes and everything possible.*

On top of all that my poor Nan has also been in hospital for the last week however she was allowed to go home yesterday so that is a relief.

Oh and then of course, the final blow – Trump happened!

The brighter news:

I have Succeeded at Dry January. Woohoo! This is the first time I have successfully remained ‘dry’ all month! *Pats oneself on the back*

I also passed that dreaded law exam which means I am now one step closer and only one exam away from passing my level 3 Credit Management course. I am so glad that subject is over, it was literally the hardest thing I have ever done and my concentration levels have been stupidly low with everything else that has been going on. So yeah, really happy that is over.

One of my BFF’s Sammy has just joined the yummy mummy club. She gave birth to the gorgeous Maddie earlier this month and she is just adorable. ♥

Dave and I have also booked a 10 day holiday to a luxury resort in the Seychelles! It looks like paradise I am so excited and I’m counting down the days, which by the way is only 18.  Stay tuned for the blog post to follow.

So that sums up what has been going on for me lately. I am really just hoping that the rest of 2017 brings happiness and adventure to all of my family and friends because despite it starting out rocky, they all deserve it so much.  I also want to write more blog posts this year because I really enjoyed it last year and now things are starting to come to a conclusion I should have more free time again from March so keep an eye out for those. How has Jan been for you?

Just one more thing, could I ask all of you a tiny little favour and ask you to please save and share the sticker below on your social media pages with the message ‘Don’t skip your dentist appointments, it’s not worth the risk’






Thank you.


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