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Craft Project – Disney themed plant pots.

I am so excited to be able to finally post this.
(It has been saved in my drafts for 3 months now).

My mum is Disney mad and I was starting to run out of gift ideas for her (there are only so many Disney PJ’s a girl can own!) So for Christmas this year I decided to get my craft on and make something different for her and knowing that she has just done up her garden all snazzy I thought I would attempt to make her some Disney plant pots.

This was the outcome…


What you will need:


Acrylic paint in Red, Yellow, Black and White.
Sharpie pens in black and red (optional)
A 10p coin
A Dust sheet or newspaper.
Glossy finish spray.


Stage 1: Paint the bottom section red and then once dry, masking tape it up and paint the inside and top rim black. I gave these sections two coats.


Stage 2: For Minnie’s polka dots I drew around a 10p coin with a pencil and then painted them white. For Mickeys yellow buttons I drew them free hand and painted them yellow. These colours will need a few coats so make sure you allow to dry in between and layer it up until you are happy with the colour.

Stage 3: I used Sharpie pens to add a few details to the buttons and polka dots but this is optional. I also added some white to Mickeys buttons to look like shine.

Final Stage: Once you are satisfied and the pots are completely dry, spray them with your glossy top coat (I suggest doing this part outside) and allow to dry overnight.

Voila Mickey and Minnie plant pots for that Disney addict we all know and love.


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