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Dementia Garden Project update.

Hey dolls,

I am very excited to be able to update you all on the progress of mum’s dementia garden project.

You may remember from my previous post  that the care home garden looked very plain and uninspiring. Well a lot of man hours have been spent building, painting and creating and I can’t wait to show you the difference it has made.




Lots of volunteers building five sheds.


The Beach hut themed shed
A bespoke rowing boat is soon to be added outside the shed for those residents who loved to be at sea.


The Barn themed shed (almost complete)
We just need to lay the sawdust flooring and add in some hay bales. This includes scarecrows, animal pen (fake animals) and a large chicken coupe with live chickens so the residents can collect and enjoy the eggs.

The Coffee shop themed shed (completed)
Somewhere to sit and gather their thoughts and enjoy catching up with old friends.


The refreshed and colourful gazebo


The Sweet shop (Not yet complete)
The inside is yet to be completed and the sign needs to go up on the front. When it is finished it will include real sweets available for the residents to purchase.

The Garage theme.
Includes a stationary car for a particular resident who loves to remember his driving days.

The Fiddle Wall (Completed)
Ideal for those who love to fiddle and feel.

The reason behind the project:
My Granddad.

He supervised us all day and made me laugh as he usually does. He was in a bad way when he arrived at Cherry orchard just over a year ago but the amazing team look after him, entertain him and got him back on to his feet and smiling again. We are forever grateful for the care he has been given.

The project isn’t quite finished yet as there are still some bits that need to be delivered, but I just wanted to thank each and every volunteer who helped out. I also want to thank each and every person who donated and made my mums vision come to life. It means a lot to my family and to so many others too.

I also wanted to thank the Barking and Dagenham Post for the stories they posted and the support they gave us throughout the project. You can read the articles here, Before, During, & After. It has been an incredible experience and I am very proud of my Mum and what she managed to achieve. If you would like to contribute to the cause, you still can. The more we raise the more we can do… I will leave the link to the gofundme page here.

Thank you




2 thoughts on “Dementia Garden Project update.

  1. Wow Tou89lou this is great. May try something similar when I feel up to it. Well done annd thanks for spreading the news. Did you know that a manager of another care has asked to visit so that she can start something similar iin their garden. Xxx

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