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Maybelline Super stay 24 colour.

Hey dolls,

If you are like me and are tired of looking for a lippy that will actually survive your first cup of tea in the morning then look no further!

I introduce to you,

Maybelline Super stay 24 colour!


Shade: 125 In the nude.
What it contains: A lip colour and a glossy balm.

How to apply: It is so simple, first you apply the lip colour, wait for it to dry (Maybelline recommend 2 minutes on their website) and then you use the glossy balm to seal in the magic. Throughout the day you just re-apply the balm as and when you need it.

What are my thoughts you say?


 I consider it a huge #WIN and give it 5/5 overall.

Well, Maybelline claim that this lip colour will last for up to 24 hours. Whilst I can honestly say that I would never want my lippy to remain in place for 24 hours (eww) I can say that it did last the entire day at work and survived drinking copious amounts of tea and eating my lunch too. I thought it might dry my lips out or crack and feel horrible after a few hours like other long-wearing lipsticks I have tried, but I guess because of the glossy balm my lips were fine all day. This is now my go to lip product and I can’t wait to try more shades.

You can purchase one here directly from Maybelline.

Feel free to recommend some shades for me to try in the comments.

Ciao x


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