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Dementia Garden Project♥

Hey everyone,

So today I want to talk about a subject close to my heart. My mum is currently fundraising  for Cherry Orchard Care home in Dagenham, Essex. My granddad is a resident there as he has Dementia amongst lots of other health problems.  The aim of the project is to do up the garden and give the residents somewhere to create memories with loved ones and hopefully trigger some old memories that have gotten lost along the way. We are hoping to raise enough money to replace the chickens (that are no longer with us) which produce eggs, my granddad in particular loved collecting them in the morning, it gives the residents a small sense of purpose each day. Living with Dementia is tough and frustrating for both the people who have it and the people watching their loved ones fade away. At times my granddad doesn’t even recognise who we are and yet on other visits he will almost seem back to his normal self. Cherry Orchard got my granddad back up on his feet and eating again and have been nothing but amazing with everyone. We would like to give them something special back.

 So mum would like to purchase a variety of sheds and paint them to look like beach huts and shop fronts so that it looks a little less like a care home and more like everyday life. She wants to get people in to paint the fences to look like scenes (Beaches, Parks, Streets etc). The inspiration comes from the dementia village in Holland.

We are hoping to create something similar to this….


On Sunday the local newspaper is going to the home to interview my mum and the care home manager and I am hoping that they  are going to publish the story to generate more support. In just 9 days we have managed to raise £1,250.00 which is incredible, but we still have a long way to go.

So, what I am hoping is that all my lovely followers will spare the cost of a pint of beer or a glass of pinot and donate it to this wonderful cause (link below). This will not only benefit my granddad but will change the lives of all of the current and future residents to come. If all of my followers donated just £3 it would raise another £300+ for this touching cause.

My Granddad and Aunt taking a nice stroll a year after moving to Cherry Orchard.


Donate here.

The current gardens at Cherry Orchard.


♥Anything you can spare will really make a difference ♥

Also could you kindly share this post onto your blogs and social media pages and help me spread the word?

Thank you x


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