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Colour club – Date with destiny holographic nail polish ♡ 


*Hearts in eyes smiley*


I have been looking for a good holographic nail varnish for a LONG time.
The wait is over!
Thanks to Rachael (over at Helpless whilst drying) for introducing me to this amazing brand of holographic sexiness. This was the first time I had heard of Colour Club but it is safe to say that they are now one of my favourite brands everrrr.

I have had non-stop compliments on my nails all week since I have been wearing shade: date with destiny and my nails remain as chip free as they were on day one. It has been quite difficult to capture the magic in a photo and I am afraid to say that after 6,000,000 shots I have still not done it the justice it deserves. This is hands down, the most beautiful polish I own. It has a lilac tint to it and is so sparkly that it has caught everyone’s eye!

 I will certainly be purchasing a few more holographic nail varnishes from Colour club this payday.


A Date With Destiny.  £8.95

Have you tried any Colour Club nail polishes?
I am keen to try some more so please let me know your favourite shades.

Thank you 🙂


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