A quick catch up on life…

Hey boo,

wp-1470758001547.jpg*My latest purchase: These cute Denim/Lace shorts from Next!*

So it’s been a long time since I was regularly posting… I thought I would just catch up with you all briefly. Last time I posted I told you guys that I had passed 1 of 3 exams and I am currently desperately trying to get motivated for the second however I am struggling A LOT.  The second is Business Law & I only have two months before my exam and I am still only on page 17 of 250. So yeah, if you know of any useful video links or online lessons I would much appreciate it as i’m running out of time and my brain can’t handle it.

So, moving on:
 I am excited to tell you all that I have just celebrated my one year anniversary in Suffolk and also at my new (well not new anymore) place of work. It feels like just yesterday I was racing up the M11 with my bags and cat in tow. (He was not a happy kitty , I felt so guilty the whole way). So we are embracing the country life, the cat has finally forgiven me and we are both loving our new home in Suffolk.

What else have I been upto?!

Well, there was the Kaiser Chiefs at Newmarket Nights.
This was my second time at the horse racing and my first time a Newmarket racecourse. The whole evening was brilliant fun and the Kaiser Chiefs were amazing!

My BFF’s travelled up from Essex for a girly sleepover you can read all about it here > Sleepover post.


Ooooo I cooked my first ever tuna pasta bake! ANNDDD it was edible! In fact it was pretty damn tasty! (As you all know… I do not cook) #proudmoment. wp-1470316494801.jpg

A few weeks ago I gave blood for the first time. I felt lucky to be able to do this and I’m hoping I managed to help at least one person. Oh I also learnt a very valuable lesson too: Don’t bend the arm with the needle in, especially to take a selfie! IT HURTS.



My (not so) little sister had her year 6 leavers prom! I can’t believe how grown up she is, the last 12 years have flown by! She is turning into a little lady already and I am so proud of her and everything she has achieved so far.
BTW if you don’t have hair envy right now, are you even human?!



David and I discovered this cute wine bar on our date night in Bury St Edmunds. The food was lovely and they have discounts for couples on Tuesdays.
(Petrus Wine Bar)


A few weeks back work took us out for dinner at 1921 in Bury St Edmunds (I would recommend this place it was AMAZING) and the evening started in my favourite cocktail bar (Wingspan Bar) at the Angel hotel.



I have finally started IPL at home with my new Phillips Lumea Prestige (So far so good). I have only been using this beaut for a month and you should ideally do it fortnightly. So I will update you all in a few months on my progress. I have also become addicted to coconut foot packs and girly pamper nights. If you haven’t tried a foot pack yet – Why not?! Honestly get yourself down to savers and invest £1 on one of these beauties. I think they currently stock 3 different varieties and I have tried all three, they are all amazing.


This was a super exciting and special family day. My Granddad is always goofing around making everyone laugh. I love this photo for many reasons.



I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to Ipswich. We had a mooch around the shops then David and I ate lunch at The Bistro on the marina. The Prawn and Avocado starter was YUM.


Oh, last but not least…

I recently discovered that GLITTER JELLY is a thing!!!


So enough about me, what have you guys been up to?
Drop me a comment below, dying to catch up with you all.


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