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26 things I learnt at the age of 26.

Hey beauties.

I am very conscious right now that the dreaded age of 27 is fast approaching. As most of you will have figured out already: I hate getting older. So I decided to try and be a bit more positive about it this year by looking back at some of the things I have learnt during my 26th year.

Every cloud and all that…

  1. Size matters!
    I do not want a small glass of wine. Give me the largest glass possible. PRONTO.
  2. Relaxing is good for my health.
    Everyone used to say I would burn out if I didn’t stop to relax once in a while. It is very true. It took a lot of coaching from D but I have finally learnt how to chill. Possibly even a little too much now. Woops 🙂
  3. Talking things out works wonders for your weight.
    When I say weight I don’t mean lbs. I mean that feeling you get when you vent, it’s like a weight has literally been lifted off your shoulders. You must know what I mean. No longer do I stew on things or hold onto them until I bust. I just shred that weight and move on with my lighter life.
  4. Owning a house is expensive, but worth it.
    There is always something that needs doing and it isn’t cheap. Plumbers, carpet fitters & repair men come at a hefty price! £££. It is so worth it though. I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to decorate each room how I want it and feel really lucky to be able to say I am a home owner at 26.
  5. Making new friends in a new town is tough.
    Work in progress. 
  6. I prefer white wine over rose!
    (I never thought that would happen!?!)
    Sauvignon blanc too! Not just white but dry white! I guess that is it, I am officially an adult now.
  7. Credit cards do not = free money.
    At some point there will come a time when you have to pay it all back and that Topshop splurge will not seem worth it anymore.
  8. Adulting isn’t quite as scary as I thought.
    I was dreading turning 26 because it meant I was yet another year closer to the even more feared 30! Dum dum dummmm… But in hindsight 26 has been my favourite year so far! I have achieved loads, and learnt a lot about myself.
  9. Gin hangovers are the worst.
    True story.
  10. You can’t change people.
    So stop trying! Just be the best that YOU can be.
  11. If you put in hard work, you can achieve your goals.
    I never thought I would go back to college after ditching it in my teens but I have been studying hard through distance learning to better myself. It hasn’t been easy as I have had to be really dedicated. I have had many tantrums throughout the whole experience. However this year I passed my AATs at level 3 and am currently studying to be a Credit Manager (Big ££’s) with CICM.  I am determined to make a good life for myself and any kiddies I may, or may not, end up with.
  12. If you don’t love your job – you’re in the wrong job!
    Job satisfaction is so important. Life is too short to dread going in everyday. Find something you love doing and a company that will appreciate what you do. It makes such a difference.
  13. Not everyone you lose is a loss.
    Amen. Do what is right for you and anyone who cannot understand or doesn’t support you, well, fuck em! I have let go of some toxic people this year and it was the best decision I ever made.
  14. Midi dresses are my best friend.
    I wore a short dress earlier on in the year & the only time I have ever felt more naked, is when I AM naked. You just can’t beat a well fitted Midi dress (especially at my age!)
  15. My feet were not born to wear 6 inch heels.
    I seem unable to walk in them since turning 26. It bothers me a bit because I used to be a pro. However it does mean I am usually way more comfy then all my BFFS 🙂
  16. BAE = before anyone else.
    (not a chavvy way of saying babe!)
  17. Eye cream is as important as toothpaste!
    You know you are getting old when you ask your mum for eye cream for your birthday! They are the windows to your soul so take care of them.
  18. A mummy hug will never go out of style.
    I miss her more than ever now I have moved to Suffolk. I love going back home and embracing a squidge. Mum hugs, coupled with a cuppa tea still solve 80% of my problems!
  19. Life is too short to worry about the little things.
    I used to get myself so worked up over every little detail and make myself poorly. Honestly I would care that Sue in the post office looked at me funny and I would worry for 3 days about why. I used to care about what others thought about me so much that it would consume me. Until I turned 26 and it was like a light bulb lit up above my head. Those people who criticise your every move are not important. They simply criticise others because they are unhappy in their own lives and their low self esteem causes them to lash out at others. They just want to appear better when actually they make themselves look worse.  Don’t let funny looks, nasty comments or indirect status updates get to you. In the grand scheme of things what does it matter what others think? It’s your life and if you are happy then that is all that really matters.
  20. Cats are hard work.
    They may be cute and cuddly but they bring dead mice and birds home and occasionally throw up under the bed. Oh and we have had to replace the bedroom carpet because one of them (we are almost certain we know which one…but I will not name names) kept peeing in the corner! Though it wasn’t all bad as the bedroom now looks lush and it seems to have done the trick.
  21. Real friends will ALWAYS be around. Especially when you need them.
    This hit me hard when I moved 50 miles from my hometown. People who I thought were friends suddenly disappeared off the radar. One thing moving did teach me is that distance doesn’t get in the way of real friendships.
  22. I use the word pedantic at least once a week.
    Because – GRR people.
  23. Trying a new hairdresser was quite possibly the worst thing I have EVER attempted.
    They did not know my hair at all and absolutely ruined it. You may remember my previous post hair today gone tomorrow. You will be pleased to know it is slowly growing back and while still a bit of an odd shape, I can get away with wearing it down again. I will never stray from Gary’s again. He knows me & my hair so well and I can’t believe I was ever foolish enough to go elsewhere. 
  24. Kids grow up WAY too fast!
    My little sister is 12 this year! 12!!!
    She starts secondary school in September. I can’t believe how quick it has gone. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. Enjoy every precious moment while they still remain little people!
  25. Life is short and time is not a guarantee.
    My granddad has been really poorly this year & it has made me realise that time is precious,  we have to make the most of what we have. I intend to start living life to the MAX and am currently working my way through a “30 things to do before I’m 30” list. I can’t wait to tick everything off.
  26. Being 26 means I get the respect of being an adult but its acceptable when I mess up still.
    Overall it has been a brilliant age and I don’t know why I was so worried about it.


What lessons have you learnt this year and how old are you?



17 thoughts on “26 things I learnt at the age of 26.

  1. Really enjoyed reading this Tel, you’ve changed a lot of your perspectives in the last year and grown into “you” and are comfortable with yourself and that’s a massive feat at any age. And age is just numbers …. You could be 78 and still have the sparkle inside you like you did as a teenager. Don’t stress about the numbers, embrace change and look forward to new adventure and lessons xx have a fab birthday 😘

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