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Girly sleepovers are good for the soul.


♥ My BFFs ♥

O M G too old for a sleepover?!
Pssst! Please!
*Pouty face*

Last weekend my BFFs came to stay with me in Suffolk and it was Immense! In fact it was exactly what the doctor ordered.  As teens and in our early twenties we spent so much time together, we all worked for the same company and lived within a 10 minute drive from each other so it was pretty easy to be joint at the hip back then.  Of course as we grew older, moved to new homes and started new relationships etc we started to see less and less of each other. I struggled a lot with homesickness when I first moved to Suffolk, going from seeing my friends regularly and spontaneously to a planned event once a month was going to take some getting used to. Something I have figured out though is that we don’t take that time for granted like we used to. A lot can happen in a month and it gives us plenty to laugh/bitch about. So this time instead of going out for a booze fuelled dance fest in town (mainly because one of said friends is now with baby) we decided to have a girly sleepover instead, co-ord PJ’s and everythaang!

It was such a lovely day when they arrived so I took them on a tour of Bury St Edmunds including where I work and the beautiful Abbey gardens.  We stopped for a cocktail/mocktail and a tapas lunch at Edmundos (which I would recommend) and then we spent a few hours mooching around the shops laughing and being silly. Later on we had a mahoooosive bbq and enjoyed a few bottles of wine (not the pregnant one obvs).

We had planned to watch Disney movies and pig out but as usual we had so much to catch up on that we gossiped the night away. I should probably mention that the night ended with a marathon hair brush 90’s singalong that my neighbours will now hate me for!! (Strangled cat anyone). As you can imagine 4 Essex girls (3 drunk, 1 just excited) are not exactly quiet at the best of times, especially when there has been a mass consumption of wine. It escalated quite quickly from giggles and gossip into cutting shapes and “OMG IS THAT N-TRANCE ON THE TV  TURN IT UP QUICKK… set youuuu freeeeeeeeeee”

So, we had an amazing time and it felt really good to get together and act like teenagers again. We all need a good bitch and a sing song from time to time and what better way to do that then with your squad, in cute matching PJ’s, in the comfort of your own home armed with Doritos?!  Oh I almost forgot to mention that we used all the spare covers and pillows in the house to make a giant bed on the floor too, just like when we were kids, it was brilliant fun.  I genuinely think sleepovers are good for the soul & I would be lost if I didn’t have my girls to laugh, cry and rant too ♥


Can’t wait for the next meet up.
London we’re coming for ya ♥


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