My week in pictures.

Hey dolls,

I thought I would share with you all what I have been up to recently.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details so thought I would do something different and show you with pictures.

Here are my highlights…

I passed my first CICM exam with top grades!


Some serious pampering has been going down this week!
Foot packs are my new fave thing.


I also tried a heated face mask for the first time and fell in love.
*Insert smiley with hearts in eyes*


I bought new tweezers from Superdrug in the best colour and they are pretty awesome.wp-1466433159357.jpg

I accidentally spent £40 in Primark.
On the plus side I think I did well tbh!


We got to watch the England game at work & they opened the beer fridge for us!


I spent an afternoon working from the pub with my team last week whilst getting to know our newest member of staff Dan!
This saucy little thing was amazing!
(The ice cream not the new guy!)


I spent some quality time with my family ❤ wp-1466433170590.jpg

Including my Grandad ❤ wp-1466433232944.jpg

Friday night I drove down to Essex for an awesome girls night in with my babes ❤


Caught up with Bae & went out for lunch in the afternoon ❤


David and I had fun at Redlodge go karting!
I got the second fastest lap of the day – David beat me by 3.5 seconds meaning he got the fastest lap of the day!
Go us!


After a long wait (missed it at the cinema)
I finally watched Deadpool & then bae bought it on blu-ray for me!
This is now in my top 10 fave films!


We booked another holiday to Sissi in Crete.
Roll on September – Excited!!


I finally got to try out ‘the giggling squid’ in Bury St Edmunds.
The tapas was DELICIOUS! wp-1466167840459.jpg

Oh & I broke my camera lens on my phone (panic)..
but had someone come out and fix it for me (panic over).


What have you been up to?



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