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My ever growing travel wishlist ♥

Northern Lights


The thing with travelling is the more I travel, the more I want to keep travelling? I mean does anybody else suddenly develop a bug for it and it sort of just starts to take over your life? I’m always asking myself, where shall we go next? Nothing quite beats the holiday blues like planning another trip!

I am lucky enough to have been to some amazing places already like Toronto – Canada, Disneyland – Florida, New York for Christmas, Bangkok & Koh Samui -Thailand & Egypt just to name a few.

Despite not long being back from a two week trip round Thailand I am all ready to grab my suitcase, sunglasses and sun cream & high-tail it out of here on another holiday to any of the below destinations.


  1. Fiji – I want to stay in the Poseidon undersea resort.
    It looks/sounds like an amazing experience.
  2. Mexico – Because Mexican food. Duh.
  3. Lake district – I really want to stay in a picturesque log cabin on the lakes, sipping prosecco in a hot tub after a long mountain hike. So chic.
    Lake Distric
  4. Ireland – Dublin. Mainly for the night life & accents!
    *Hearts in eyes*
  5. African Safari – No explanation needed.
  6. Iceland –  I want to stay at the Frost & Fire, ride huskies in the snow and look at the beautiful Northern Lights.
    Northern Lights
  7. New Orleans – Smokey jazz bars, Marzi Gras & Channing Tatum’s restaurant, need I say more?!
    New Orleans
  8. Rome – for my love of Italian food, history & all the cliché’s .
  9. Munich – Oktoberfest. A giant party with plenty of beer.
  10. The Maldives – for beach huts & chill.


Have you been to any of these places? Do you have any recommendations for me? What places would you like to visit?




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