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Green fingers & purple pansies.



So a few weeks ago I realised I am turning into my mother. Which isn’t a bad thing to be honest because she is amazing but I suddenly developed a desire to get my gardening on! Who would have thought it!? I actually thoroughly enjoyed it too!

So our garden is really low maintenance and is mostly paved (which suits us to a T) we have a small patch of grass fenced off at the back and two raised round sections in the middle to give it some feature. Overall I love our garden but it was lacking some colour so David and I popped to Homebase and bought some pretty flowers, bright pots & some herbs (because he loves to cook with them) and this was the outcome.


Before: The purchases.

and then…


Purple Pansies, Lavender, Herbs & pretty pink flowers all potted & ready to be re homed.



Loving the large bright pots & under-window silver pot


Growing our own mint.


My favourite one of all. So pleased with how this turned out!

I am so pleased with it now, the garden looks so much better with a sprinkle of colour & our personality.







Have you done any DIY projects this year or been out in the garden yet?




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