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How to deal with a curling tong/straightener burn



So, I stupidly dropped my curling tongs on my neck (which fyi, I usually do at least once a quarter). This is by far the worst burn I have ever inflicted on myself.

As usual I was running late and had to finish curling my hair before I did anything about it. Lesson well & truly learnt here, deal with it straight away ladies, honestly step away from the tongs and get yourself near the cold water!

I  decided I didn’t have time to run it under cold water & more to the point I didn’t want to ruin my curled hair in the sink. So instead I thought I would be clever. I took my frozen raspberries out the freezer & held that directly on the burn for about 4 minutes. For the love of god please never apply ice directly to a burn! This can do for more damage to the area and may cause a cold burn or even frostbite. You laugh, but its true!

I got to work & my neck was still sizzling and had already started to blister (typical as I am going out tonight & now look like I have a giant hicky). Gross!

So taking the above on board,  here is how you should actually deal with curling tong/straightener burn:
Please note I am not a doctor.

Step 1
Run that F*cker under cold water straight away. If its in an awkward place use a cold, wet flannel. It is recommended that you do this for around 20 minutes as it will significantly help the healing process and prevent the burn from spreading.

Step 2
Apply aloe vera gel.
This will  sink into the skin provide instant soothing relief. It will also help the area stay moisturised and reduce the risk of a nasty scar.

Step 3
Take Ibuprofen to reduce the pain & inflammation.

Step 4
Apply Sudocrem or another antiseptic cream to the area as it will be more prone to infections in its new delicate state.

Step 5
Once the skin begins to heal keep it hydrated by moisturising the affected area at least twice a day.

Step 6
It is important that you don’t put any concealer or any other make up products on the area until the scab is properly healed. I know the idea is not too thrilling but think of the crazy stories you can tell about your new battle wounds!

Hopefully we will all learn from my mistake here. For more advice on treating burns/scolds you can visit the NHS website.

Oh and FYI:
Since taking Ibuprofen & using aloe gel it has calmed down a lot.
Fingers crossed it doesn’t scar.




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