Haters gunna hate.



This is a subject close to my heart. I HATE bullies with a passion.

Maybe you are here because you are experiencing a hater, a keyboard warrior or someone who cannot stand to see you, or any one else for that matter happy? Maybe you are a hater yourself and have convinced yourself that it’s everyone else with the problem? Whatever your reason for reading this, I hope that you find some inner peace by the end of it.


I find it interesting that we can receive 100 compliments in a day and feel on top of the world for a short time but it only takes one negative comment from someone, that we probably don’t even care much for, and suddenly we question all the compliments we have received and our own integrity. Surely we should be questioning the ‘hater’ and not ourselves? The spiteful, hurtful comments are a reflection of their character not yours.

We should be picking each other up not knocking each other down. The sad truth is that no matter what you do in life, someone will disagree with you or dislike what you are doing. You can’t live your life for these people. You need to take charge and continue to do what makes you happy and if they don’t like it they know where the door is.

I believe in freedom of speech and that everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it is delivered in a way that is respectful of other peoples feelings. I.E I know people who go to church regularly and that’s cool I like that they have something nice that they believe in. I’m also happy that they respect the fact that I am not religious and it is not forced upon me, likewise I do not force my views on them. We have a mutual respect for each others feelings/beliefs and can continue to live in harmony with each other .


Let me just explain why these vindictive people hate on you & why we should not let their jealousy and low self esteem alter our perception of ourselves.

  • Haters can’t stand to see you succeed – Haters want nothing more then to see you fail because being successful only makes them realize that they are failing. You are making them feel bad about themselves. This  is not really your fault and you have done nothing wrong but you will end up coping it unfairly.  You have to understand that it is you who has resurfaced their insecurities/low self-esteem and whilst it’s unfair that they are taking it out on you, you mustn’t take it personally. As long as you’re working on improving yourself, you will always stumble upon a hater or two. Don’t let them win by altering your plans, continue to succeed because those who matter will encourage you. Leave the haters behind in their misery.
  • Haters are insecure – You’re a good person and you are doing positive things. They are jealous because they want to be you. You have the personality and drive that they are lacking and they hate to be reminded of this. You are admired and praised by those who are important to you and some people hate on you to make themselves feel better about their lives. Tarnishing your good nature makes them feel less ashamed of themselves and gives them some kind of warped purpose again.
  • Haters have nothing better to do  with their time – Their lives are clearly boring and they have nothing better to do then to try to bring you down. No doubt you have plans and goals and they do not. So they have lots of time to project their hatred at you. Ignore them, don’t add fuel to their fire by responding.
  • Haters are bitter about life –  Misery loves company. They have probably been unlucky and have experienced a lot of bad things in life that others haven’t and it makes them bitter. Bitterness starts out as hurt and festers into anger & resentment if left untreated. I can tell you now, I have been through some pretty tough times & I have been hurt, but I do not use this as a reason to punish others. It is not acceptable, EVER.  Instead of using all that emotion to do something positive with their lives they lash out at those who are instead. Bitterness is one of the most toxic and destructive human emotions and if left untreated it will consume people until they become victims of themselves. Lets face it, being mean doesn’t really make us feel better, it just hides how we really feel and deep down they know that too.
  • Haters need attention – Think about kids when they act up. The mentality is that ‘bad attention’ is better then no attention. So they act up in order to get whatever attention they can. People love drama and love to jump on the band wagon. They just want people to notice them and unfortunately people will get involved because its human nature to want to feel like part of something. As I said before misery loves company and people who are unhappy get some kind of consolation from knowing other people are unhappy too. They will act out as a way to get attention from others and support in their little hate campaign. It’s quite sad really.


I want you to ask yourself this, have you ever seen a hater doing better then you?? I bet for 99.9% of people the answer is no.

Happy people seek out other happy people and sadly miserable people seek out misery. Don’t allow them to bring you down and make you insecure. You will be playing into their hands – remember that it is them with the issue and not you. Keep doing what makes you happy and rid yourself of the negative people in your life. They will not bring anything positive and you are better off without them.

Something to remember: ‘don’t get into a fight with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience’.




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