How to get your shit together in just a few hours.


So you’ve lost it. Your shit I mean. It was there a minute a go and now your wondering how you ended up in this mess and do you even know what day it is?

First things first go and make yourself a brew. I suggest a calming camomile tea or just a good old fashioned English cuppa. Find the biggest mug you own and take a minute to read this guide and decide how your going to plan the next few hours of your day productively.

*Pause for thought*  

The most important rule and the one that we will begin with is this: PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. Seriously, I mean it, step away from your device and the drama that is consuming you. You are not allowed to pick it up again for at least the next few hours. Once you have finished reading this of course.

OK, If you feel like you can’t get your shit together it is likely that it has something to do with that fact that you can’t actually find it. So step two, let operation get organised and clear out unused crap commence. Think back when was the last time you had a good clear out and didn’t you feel great afterwards, almost a few pounds lighter in fact? So go get your paperwork in order, do your filing and make sure all your accounts are up to date. Sort out a bag of clothes from your wardrobe that you have been intending to wear for the last 6 years however still have their tags on. Sell them on Ebay or take them to the local charity shop. Arrange your kitchen cupboards more appropriately, delete your unused apps or just give everything a wipe down with some Mr Sheen. There are so many advantages to getting rid of stuff that doesn’t regularly and currently add value to your life. De cluttering your space will de clutter your mind and you will be surprised and how much you notice the organisation even if it is all behind closed doors.

Change something at home. I am always craving change and I usually just buy some new candles, add some new accessories to my home or buy some fresh flowers and it instantly freshens the place up again. There a lots of things you can try. Maybe you just need to create a new music playlist on your phone because you know the one you have off by heart and zzzz its getting boring anyway. Put fresh bedding on ready for bedtime later and maybe buy a new home scent or better yet, get crafty and make yourself a few reed diffusers to put around the place because they look oh so grown up and chic (you can see my tutorial here.) Maybe buy that cute Primark pillow you have been eyeing up for the lounge or update your photo frames with your latest family snaps. Oh and buying a new toothbrush is always a good idea.

Manage your time. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of diaries and lists. I used to be terrible at managing my time effectively and I was forever double booking. Now days as soon as I make plans I update my diary. If I go shopping I make a list beforehand so I don’t forget anything important. So if you don’t own a diary invest in one so you don’t waste time trying to remember where you were supposed to be.

Enlist the help of professionals. If you need to talk to someone seek out a counsellor. Most people carry around dead weight relating to issues and emotions from their past that has not been dealt with or filed correctly and it only weighs us down.If you are struggling to work out speak to a personal trainer, if you can’t afford it look for classes and inspiration on you tube. I quite enjoy a youtube yoga class to take a time out from life.

Make a budget for your finances. Start by listing all of your incomings and outgoings and make sure you are honest. This will help you keep track of what you are spending and allow you to monitor your savings. I use excel and it is so easy to update. There are lots of templates online to get you started. If you need help with managing credit make an appointment with your bank and see if they have alternative solutions they can offer you.

Try something new. You will never figure out who you are and what you enjoy if you don’t give lots of new things a try. So write a list of things you have been meaning to try for like ever and then make plans to get it moving. It doesn’t have to be something big like jumping out of a plane. You could just try reading a book by a different author or reading a different genre to your usual favourite. You could try cooking a new meal something that is completely different to your usual meals. Go on you tube and learn how to create a new hairstyle and wear it proudly (that’s how I learnt how to do French plaits).

Next time you do a food shop add multivitamins to the list. Lets face it with all the processed foods shoved in our faces its quite hard now days to ensure that we get every vitamin and mineral that our bodies need and it doesn’t matter how healthy you are. Lots of vitamins also help reduce those awful stress symptoms you have been feeling of late.

Get outside. It’s a known fact that being at one with nature helps clear your mind and releases happy endorphins. So during your lunch break or before/after work take a brisk walk outside and get some fresh air.

Don’t take on to much at once. Think of the opposite of multi-tasking here, prioritise the things that are important in your life and tackle one thing at a time. If you multi task all the time then things will only get a small percentage of your attention and therefore may not be completed in the correct way or to your satisfaction. Take time over the things you enjoy/need to get done and flush out the things you don’t. I am not saying don’t ever wash up again for Christ sake but you know, dishwashers are so now! Don’t be overwhelmed by the ever growing to do list just prioritise them in order and enjoy the satisfaction you get when you start ticking them all off one by one.

Hopefully by making these changes you may stumble upon your ‘shit’ who knows maybe it was at the back of your wardrobe this whole time. I certainly feel like I have got my shit together now days and hopefully I can encourage just a few others to take an afternoon out and find theirs.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions.





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