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Item of the day – The Cinderella dream.


I simply had to share these amazing shoes.

Introducing Dolce & Gabbana’s Glass slipper…


wp-1457000316011.jpgDoesn’t every girl deserves to feel like Cinderella?

Well, if you can afford the £1,110.00 price tag you can purchase these beauties here.



11 thoughts on “Item of the day – The Cinderella dream.

  1. That’s quite cheap for “glass” slippers! Charlotte Olympia did a pair of Disney licenced ones which were something like 3 grand. Interestingly I saw them at Kurt Geiger in Bicester village and was informed that they could find nobody who fit them.

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    • Wow… I don’t really understand how they won’t shatter every time you take a step. Is it bullet proof 🙂


      • The CO shoes were PVC with a perspex heel and sole so all plastic. I’ve also seen a blown glass shoe made by some insanely talented artisan who makes to measure. He makes it very clear it will break if one was to try and wear it. That said you know this observation platforms are made of glass too…and they don’t break.

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