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10 Apps I can’t live without.

Do you feel like you spend 80% of your life glued to your phone? Yup Me to!
I would be lost without it. It wont be long before they will be able to cook our meals for us! There are a few apps that I simple can not get enough of right now, which I will list below. Don’t forget to drop me a comment at the bottom with your favourite apps.

Here are my favourites.

S Health
This is a built in app on my Samsung device. It allows me to track my exercise, water intake, calories and steps plus lets me record and track my weight. I used to use several different apps before finding this gem. I love that it does everything in one place.

So I can blog on the go & check my stats approximately every 3 minutes!

I check my news feed constantly. Most people like to read a newspaper in the morning, I am quite content with my news feed in bed & a cup of tea. I will get a full weather update, all the gossip from my squad and one new purchase from the one feed and comfort of my bed. Plus I love the new page manager app through Facebook to monitor Tou89lou.

For cute convos with the bf, bitchy group sessions with the squad & silly selfies with my siblings. Love that you can send voice notes & pictures via wifi too. How did we ever live without it?


My go to app for inspiration. You just can’t beat a good insta stalk.
I use this for recipes, DIY beauty hacks, thinspiration, OOTD posts, workout plans, shoe porn etc etc.



Everything you need to know about films & the cast. You can watch the trailers, stalk Tom Hardy, check the ratings, see what other films Tom Hardy is in, check the meta scores, did I mention there are pictures of Tom Hardy??


I know I sound really boring. I use this to keep track of my budget, bucket list and countless other lists. The app is just like the proper version only pocket sized! YAY.


I get excited to check this every few days!
I usually upload anything I am looking forward to.
It doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of all the good things we have lined up.


World Chef
I’m not a massive gamer. I do enjoy the Sims style games where you have to build/run your own empire. I have been playing this all week after seeing an ad on TV & have quickly become hooked. Basically you have to run a restaurant each chef has specialities and as you move up the levels it gets harder to stay on top of things.



A Beautiful mess
A Photo editing tool for adding cute text to images.
I have only just downloaded this & used it once so far but was really impressed and can’t wait to have another play around with it.

Thanks for reading.
What are your favourite apps?



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