Thailand: Chinatown, Bangkok, Chinese New Year.


Just wow.


This is a city like no other!
I feel like CRAZY being the best word to describe it.
You definately have to have an open mind to make the most of this chaotic city.
We stayed in Bangkok for two nights before moving on to Koh Samui and I must say that I won’t forget them in a hurry.

We stayed at the LIT hotel which was in a great location in the centre of the city close to the train station and the MBK shopping centre. We had the extra radiance room which was bright and colourful. The room was clean and quite special with a stand alone bathtub incorporated into the bedroom. The beds were comfy and the staff treated us like celebrities, remembering our names and always ready to help. The hotel in general was clean and pleasant, it had a spa, restaurant and a couple of bars. We made use of the infinity pool on our last day and the Thai massage place literally opposite the hotel. £6 for an hour Thai massage. Yes please! It was exactly what the doctor ordered after such a long flight.



We happened to arrive just in time for the Chinese lunar new year. We got to our hotel early evening, quickly freshened up & made our way to China town on a Tuk-Tuk. What an experience, to say it was petrifying would be an understatement. It was like a milk float with a cage and a bench in the back. It didn’t cost any more then getting a cab but just make sure you agree a price before you get in. The roads are chaotic but at the same time I felt safe enough, people constantly cut each other up and whizz in and out of the traffic but it just seems to work. It felt like the centre of Bangkok has rush hour 24/7 and there were cars and mopeds everywhere. The city itself was very smoggy with lots of pollution and fumes in the air (I now understand all the dentist masks.)


We enjoyed walking around the city taking in all the sights and smells of the street food stalls and decided to indulge ourselves. It’s hard to resist. There is so much to chose from and there was certainly no shortage in things to try. I recommend trying as many different dishes as possible as it’s honestly the best food I have ever had on a holiday. I usually get bored of the local cuisine but not in Thailand. What better way to experiance the local culture? The smells from all the stalls got too much and we gave in to a busy, traditional shophouse called Rut & Lek Seafood on a very unpractical and wonky pavement. We watched the world go by whilst enjoying Thai noodles, seafood and a Singha beer. It’s the first time I have experianced a meal like it. The seafood was fresh and so tasty. We sat at the side of road next to one of the busiest crossroads I have ever seen, it was the most unlikely and fascinating place I could ever dream of eating a meal. I read online that this place is considered fairly expensive for Thai food, but we didnt think so and the experiance itself is worth paying extra for. If you are like me and enjoy people-watching I would recomend this 100%.

Things that amused us while eating:
The guy on his moped carrying around 7 crates of beer on his moped!
(You cant see the ones in the foot well)
The man with a crate of water on his seat behind him.
The family of 3 riding on one moped!
We saw a family of 4 and a lady with 3 dogs on one in Koh samui too!

We had a look around after dinner slightly overwhelmed by everything going on, we stumbled into a place of worship. Ladies be sure to carry something to cover your shoulders and legs up. Luckily I still had my jeans on and I pinched David’s hoody so that I didn’t offend the people praying. It was a beautiful sight with candles burning and the smell of incense in the air. Such a calm atmosphere and pretty back drop with all the detailing on the structure. We got a Tuk-Tuk back to the hotel as we were tired from the 12 hour flight and ready for a super busy day ahead the following day.

More pictures from China town:







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