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What’s in my everyday bag?

The bag: DKNY purchased in New York last Christmas.


The compulsory ‘I am now a blogger’ post.

I am super nosey and enjoy snooping at handbag posts.
Seeing what other people carry around with them inspires me, mainly to buy more lip products if I’m honest! Anyway, I thought you creepers might want to see what I have in my bag 🙂

So here goes..


It’s all pretty boring really.

Various sets of keys.
Just because.

My E-cig in pink.
For the days when I am trying to quit smoking.
Flavour choice: Menthol.

‘Sparkle’ perfume from Next.
Cheap and cheerful ♥
I always carry a Next perfume in my handbag as they are
the perfect size & are so inexpensive at around £8 a bottle.

Michael Kors purse from New York.
It holds so much & is really deceiving. This little beauty is full of cards & receipts and come to think of it very little money actually :/

Swarovski crystal pen.
A leaving present from the girls at my last job.
I feel so Chic getting this out of my bag.

Notepad from B&M.
For blog ideas and lists! I am a total list whore with lists for literally everything.
To do, Tonight’s agenda, Chores, Shopping list, Workout plan you get the drift.
I would be lost without a notepad & pen to hand.

Hair bands & grips.
I leave these everywhere, it’s like how I mark my territory or something.
They are at my desk, at home, in every bag I own, in my car etc etc.

Lipsticks in every shade #Justincase.
I have a 2 nudes, 1 plum, 1 coral, 1 peach & 1 pink.
Yup, I’m ready for all occasions.

Various lip balms/butters.
My lips ALWAYS seem to be dry regardless of what I use.

2016 diary from Next.
I never leave home without it. It’s so important to have plans to look forward to. I find the Next diaries are always the perfect size & have the cutest designs.

Compact mirror.
Surely this is a basic?
I would be so paranoid with out it.
Like OMG is my face falling off?

Primark sunglasses.
Unclear as to why really but these are my favourite pair! I think they cost me around £6 or something. I usually break my sunglasses so I never spend a lot on them. These are my longest standing pair to date at 2 years old! #Aww 

What are your handbag essentials?





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