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Holiday beauty essentials.


Destination: Thailand
Bangkok & Koh Samui
14 nights.


I always struggle choosing which beauty products to take with me on holiday mainly down to the fact that my case is already pre-loaded with three pairs of heels that I absolutely will not wear, three pairs of sandals, 5 books and enough bikini’s to kit out a small country. This year I have tried to minimise what I take with me on my two week trip to Thailand and I have purchased only the essential items to keep my hair and body in check while I am away. Airlines if you are reading this please help a sister out and increase the weight restriction, sincerely girls everywhere! 


Holiday Beauty Essentials

Piz Bruin SPF 30 sun lotion & lip balm.
I have recently been told off by my dermatologist for worshipping the sun and apparently factor 10 is just not good enough. So, reluctantly,  I promised to take at least a factor 30 sun lotion away with me. There’s a first time for everything I guess!

 Aussie take the heat shampoo & conditioner.
This will be my first time using this specific Aussie set. I have read some good reviews on it so I am hoping that Aussie live up to their reputation.
If the 3 minute miracle treatment is anything to go by then I know this will not disappoint.


Soap & Glory body scrub.
A good scrub makes for a better tan and this one smells delightful.

Bleach Reincarnation hair mask.
I have been using this for a few weeks now & have seen many other bloggers jump on the hype. This will help keep my tresses sleek and moisturised.


Dove original deodorant. Smells & that!
This is the only one that seems to actually work for me.
It smells delightful and keeps me dry all day.


Garnier BB cream.
Because it’s just to damn hot for foundation.


Travel bottles.
I am going to put my body scrub and my hair mask in these as I will only need to use them twice a week. This will save me having to pack the full/heavy bottles and leave me more room for shoes in my case! #Winning


Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo.
Sometimes its okay to not wash your hair. I always take this with me but almost forgot to add it to my post (Thanks Sangeeta)


Spearmint & sea salt face mask.
Sitting on the balcony after my afternoon nap halfway through my holiday!
It claims to cleanse, exfoliate, renew & refresh skin.
I am already looking forward to this gorgeous face treat!


Tangle teaser.
A normal hairbrush does nothing for my mane!
My hair gets very frizzy and tangled and this beaut works wonders without causing to much damage.

100% Moroccan Argan oil.
Another product that I simply can not live without as it is great for skin as well as hair and I love a dual purpose product. It makes my hair more manageable and soft and keeps my face as soft as a baby’s bottom!


Garnier Ambre Solaire after sun.
To maintain my tan & cool my skin after a hard day of sun worshipping!


Bright nails.
It’s winter in the UK and I am missing my neon nails.
I always paint my nails really bright on holiday as I find white tips go yellow too quickly. This is my current fave in neon orange from Face Stockholm.


Soap and Glory shower gel.
Mainly because it smells amazing and it is a little piece of creamy heaven!



Bright Lipsticks.
I am brave enough to wear  bright shades of orange, pink & red when I am on holiday. I can’t wait to wear these beauties from Sleek, NYX and Revolution.

Gorgeous glow blusher.
This make me look and feel alive.
It gives me such a radiant glow and is the perfect shade for summer evenings.

What are your beauty essentials?



4 thoughts on “Holiday beauty essentials.

  1. This is a nice compilation of holiday essentials. I’d like to add dry shampoo to the list. Somedays you just don’t have time to wash your hair, and to the rescue comes a dry shampoo 😀

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