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Home wishlist

Buying new things for our home makes me really happy because I love making our little nest beautiful. Here are the things I am lusting over at the moment.

  1. H&M Grey Waffle bath towels £12.99 each
  2. H&M Soft grey blanket £24.99
  3. H&M Mahogany scented candle from £6.99
  4. H&M wooden pot £9.99
  5. H&M Grey floral bath towel £14.99
  6. H&M silver scented candle £9.99
  7. H&M Eat green tea towel £2.99
  8. H&M gold scented candle £12.99
  9. New look false spike plant £4.99
  10. H&M black vase £4.99
  11. H&M cute Mug £3.99
  12. H&M ‘Lets stay in bed’ pillowcase £6.99
  13. New look white Led heart plaque £9.99
  14. Wilko’s Large wooden copper top Lantern £18.00
  15. Wilko’s Life wooden words £8.00
  16. Wilko’s gold Glass bottle £4.00


What’s on your wishlist?





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