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One lovely blog award


O M G 

I have been lucky enough to be nominated for a blogging award by the ever so lovely Paige Alicia Beauty. Go check out her blog – I love it!

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who reads, likes, comments, follows and supports my blog Tou89lou. It means the world to me knowing that people take time out of their day to actually read and take an interest in my thoughts and opinions. I have only been blogging for a few short months and I have been blown away by the response I have received already.

The rules for award acceptance are:
Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them (including a link to their blog). They must list the rules and post the blog award badge in the post.
They must add 7 facts about themself.
They must nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them that they have been nominated.

7 Facts about me

1. Tou89lou is my blog name and I started writing down my thoughts in November 2015. Tou-lou is my nickname I guess it comes from my real name Terri-Louise. I’m not really sure when it started tbh it’s just kind of always been around. The number 89 relates to my year of birth. Yes I know I am getting old.   😦 

2. My favourite colour is purple.

3. I have a touch of OCD – I have this thing about being clean & organised. That goes for both me and my surroundings. I also love the smells of Lenor fabric softener so much that I sometimes use it to clean my floors and radiators so the smell gets all around the house! *Cringe* I can’t believe I just put that on the internet!

4. My favourite film is Pearl Harbour and it makes me cry every time even though I have seen it a thousand times.

5. I hate Ketchup.

6. I get anxiety when I have to drive somewhere I haven’t been before. I panic about getting lost and finding somewhere to park. I have a bad sense of direction at the best of times.

7. I have a bucket list with ’30 things to do before I’m 30′ and so far I have only ticked off 3 things. Woops better get a move on girl!

Here are my nominations for blogs that I enjoy following:

Juliet not capulet



Liza runs 2016

Lady Cas


Kingdom of Sequins

Wandering wives

Katy Hill


Kezzies Corner

Helpless whilst drying

Ready or Nat

Hannah Gale

Coffee with Zoe

Go check them out too!


As always thanks for reading 🙂






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