10 Random facts about me

I thought it would be nice for us to get to know each other a little better. This is how it works, I am going to post 10 random facts about myself then in the comment section below I want you to tell me 10 random facts about you. Go.

Facts about Tou89lou:

  1. Despite being extremely clumsy I have never broken a bone.
  2. My favourite film is Pearl Harbour.
  3. ‘Hollyoaks’ & ‘Don’t tell the bride’ are my TV guilty pleasures.
  4. I get cranky when I am tired or hungry.
  5. I have recently discovered a new love – Marmite!
  6. At 26 me and my boyfriend bought our first house together.
  7. My nails are always painted.
  8. London & New York are my favourite cities.
  9. I HATE Ketchup.
  10. My favourite colour is purple.


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Now leave 10 random facts about you below.



11 thoughts on “10 Random facts about me

  1. 1 never owned a cactus 2 love my family 3 love Disney 4 hate my toes 5 can’t drink out of stripey cups 6 I am scared of toe dipping in the sea 7 favourite film …hummm can’t choose but like anything with vin diesel 8 my mind tells me I am only 10-12 in clothes 9 I want to slide down the Bannister at the Queens gaff ! 10 I would love to be able to sing in tune !!!!

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  2. 1. I prefer my roast potatoes to anyone’s else’s.
    2. I love iced coffee
    3. My dog ziggy is like my 2nd child.
    4. I always wanted to play the drums and saxophone
    5. Besides Marti Pellow my fave artists are Jackie Wilson and George Michael
    6. I hate my hair curly or straight
    7. My fave perfume is insolence
    8. to learn another language fluently but undecided which one.
    9. I have started to learn sign language
    10. I believe there is no one in the world like me. I’m one of a kind.everyone else is just weird

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  3. 1 – I have a massive dental phobia
    2 – I am a spiritualist and have been aware of spirit since a young age
    3 – I want to live in Italy and got married in Rome
    4 – I have ocd and do some things in “3’s”
    5 – I would have loved to be a midwife as I adore babies
    6 – the sight of vomit or even the smell of it, just the noise of someone retching, can make me sick myself
    7 – I came close to dying in a car accident aged 16 where I broke bones and lost a lot of blood
    8 – I suffer with anxiety and had agoraphobia years ago where I hardly left my own front door for almost 2yrs.
    9 – I saved a mans life in police custody when I cut off the ligature from around his throat
    10 – my ginger cat bagpuss is my spiritual best friend

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  4. I am new to your blog and thought I’d play along before venturing on to more of your blog. 🙂

    1- I didn’t care to learn how to cook until I was 18 years old
    2- I am 24 years old and still feel really weird to say I am medically retired from the Army
    3- I use a cane when I need it because of a chronic pain disorder and I hate it
    4- Most people have no idea the extent of my social anxiety. I keep it really well hidden (thanks military life)
    5- I like being independent but I really wish I had someone to share my life with
    6- I love it when people tell me that I am older then my years
    7- I really want to make blogging my business
    8- Although I am described as an outgoing person (by others), meeting new people for the first time really makes me nervous
    9- I hate being put on the spot. If I plan to talk in front of people I get nervous, being put on the spot…. I forget everything I know…. and I sound stupid
    10- I’m still learning to grow into my own skin and love myself.

    I need to do something like this on my own blog. Thanks for giving me the idea (so simple, isn’t it?)

    Love, Jenn

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  5. Hi! I’m new here so I’ll share as well

    1: I’m new at blogging

    2. Love to sing although I CAN’T sing well at all 🙊

    3. I love meeting new people and making new friends but my social anxiety makes it very difficult sometimes.

    4. I hate my voice lol it annoys me so much! Especially when I have to speak for a long period of time

    5. I am obsessed with the Middle East

    6. I also feel that I was born in the wrong era- I love all things 70’s

    7. My hair sucks! It’s always frizzy – it’s a paint to wear it down…

    8. I curse a lot-like a lot a lot

    **thanks for sharing more about yourself…great getting to know you 😉

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