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Hair today – Gone tomorrow :(

So as you know I just recently moved 50+ miles from my home town to the historic town of Bury St Edmunds.

With that I had to find a new hairdresser that was a little closer to home. (Sorry Gary – I still love you mostest). Gary for those of you that don’t know has been my hairdresser for years & knows my hair very well – He ALWAYS does a superb job at G hairdressing Dagenham!  If you are ever in Dagenham I hugely recommend a visit.

So anyway I decided to give ‘Cutting edge’ in my new town a try.
& what an expensive mistake that was.

This is what happened…


I left relatively happy

However 2 days later I washed/straightened my hair to get a good look & was mortified at what they actually done to my hair. I had chunks missing & can only describe my new haircut as ‘Attacked by a child with scissors’. I didn’t notice this until it was straight & so now fully understand why it was curled before I left the salon.

I sent these pictures to Cutting edge & expressed how unhappy I was with my terrible cut & yellow highlights. They invited me back in to the salon to get a refund. However upon arrival they begged me to let them rectify it (I declined anything involving scissors but accepted the toner to fix the colour).

When I was on my own in the salon they continued to ask me to let them fix it to the point they put the scissors back near my hair despite me saying NO clearly on several occasions. They didn’t actually cut it any more but were trying desperately to convince me that it just needed thinning out more. I ended up breaking down in tears and they finally gave up and finished my blow dry with me sobbing into my sleeve.

So the finale – I was about to leave and so grateful to get out of there when I went to the till to get my refund – They put £15 in my hand!

Again floods of tears.

Heres a breakdown of my cost:

Ombre (I see no ombre only chunky highlights) £50.00
 Haircut  Hair hacked off £15.00
Blow dry £15.00
Correction hair cut elsewhere £39.00
Total £119.00

So they offered me £15 for the cut & said, I quote “That’s the best I can do I’m afraid”.



I have since had it fixed in a reputable salon in Bury (Hair 24) and I am hugely grateful – the poor girl didn’t have much to work with but she did a great job given the circumstances. (I turned up one lunch break sobbing my heart out & asking her to ‘kill me now’)  She was so kind & showed me how it was cut wrong & how it should have been cut etc. It’s not a style I would have chosen myself (too many layers for me) however she saved me from having to have a Bob cut back in (It’s taken me two years to grow out the last one) & she restored some of my confidence in hairdressers.

Salons I highly recommend:
G hairdressing in Dagenham
Hair 24 – Bury St Edmunds

Please note that these opinions are my own.
They are true and accurate.

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Hair today – Gone tomorrow.



20 thoughts on “Hair today – Gone tomorrow :(

  1. That is awful! That salon is pathetic, god, I hope a lot of people read this so they get the reputation they deserve! I know is not what you wanted but it looks really nice now!


    • Hi coco. Several people have confirmed via Facebook that they were going to use the salon but since my post have now cancelled. So that’s good news. It won’t fix my hair but it’s something.. thanks for the kind words xx


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    • I know I was so shocked by their reaction. Devastating.
      It’s starting to grow again now thank God. Will take a while to grow out those layers though 😦 x


  3. Oh my god, you poor thing! At least the second salon was able to fix it without lopping it all off. It looks lovely now, even if it’s not how you would have wanted it. I hope you have made an official complaint against Cutting Edge because how they treated you was appalling! £15 for all that! What a joke. They should have compensated you just for the stress of it all, never mind reimbursement for the treatments!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks hun. It’s starting to grow back now thankfully though I’m still stuck with the bad layers.. the second salon did a fab job considering. Safe to say I will never go back to cutting edge! Such a shame to as it is so close to home 😦 they handled he whole thing terribly. X

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, you’ve had a good trim so at least it should grow back a bit faster! I have really long hair after growing it out of a bob for about eight years, so I understand the emotional attachment; the only salon I’ll visit is Carl Prescott Hair Design in Cornwall, which is approximately 300 miles from my home town… I only go when I visit my dad who lives nearby! I just don’t trust anyone else with my hair!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t blame you
        Once you find someone good you have to stick with them. Yeah just going to do lots of hair masks and trims now x

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  4. OMG to be honest your hair lookes so healthy before you went to the cut and now, it looks dry and in poor condition. I would therefore question the products they’ve used as well. When I go to the hair dressers, I never ask for curly/wavy hair…always straightened as I’d like to see the results and the cut. Some hair dressers tend to not cut your hair (only trim ends and not putting in layers) and then they fluff it all up and request anything from £60 onwards.

    Caz | Style Lingua

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know I was devastated. I’m off to Thailand next month so the sun will reak havoc on my hair.. but when I get back I intend to have it coloured and re cut into something that looks nicer x


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