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10 things you need to know about dating an independent woman!

‘I have got this sh*t handled!’
‘I do not need anybody I am a strong independent woman!’
Lol – how many times have you heard this?

Although it may seem intimidating to date this kind of woman – Once you know the facts you will realise this can be the best relationship you have ever been in.

Independent women are strong and determined and no matter what happens in life she will come out of the other side with her head held high and a smile on her face. She won’t be one of those needy girls who need to know your every move or have a mental break down if you don’t text her back immediately. She already knows where she is heading in life and wants to reach maximum potential and she will want the same for you.

She will love you fiercely with all of her heart & soul, but she will never let you walk all over her.

So what do you need to know before committing to an independent woman?

Firstly she will inspire you to do great things.
She will have high expectations and big dreams. Her ‘go get em’ attitude will start to rub off on you and make you assess your own way of life. She will always push you to be the best version of you because she likes to see people be successful, herself and her loved ones included.

Realise that she may be help-deprived.
Independent women are loath to ask for help. It’s just the way they are I’m afraid. Soz. Just because she doesn’t ask doesn’t mean she doesn’t need it from time to time. Practise your mind reading skills and get to know her well enough and you will know when the time is right to offer her a helping hand. You will get brownie points for picking up on this and not making a big deal out of it is key.

Respect her privacy.
This chick will love her own space and will be totally comfortable in her own company. Just because she wants to indulge in herself for a bit does not mean she is already over you. She’s been so busy living in the moment she just needs to take 5. It keeps her sane & gives her time to plan her world domination with you. Respect her privacy and give her that well deserved down time and you will reap the rewards when she’s back to full power.

Be a strong communicator.
This doesn’t just refer to the ability of being able to chew her ear off for hours but to actually listen and interpret what she isn’t saying too! Duh read between the lines and you’ll be winning. If she has a problem with something you have said/done – she will highlight this almost straight away & she will expect the same back from you. Communication is key in any relationship but she will respect you more for keeping it real and truly knowing her.

Don’t be possessive or jealous
Okay – maybe just a bit jealous like the kind where it shows you care and not the crazy psycho kind!
She is extremely self aware and won’t waste her time with such negativity. You will be waved away if you ignore this advice. #Justsaying.

She wants you – but will never need you.
First off if you are in her life take that as a huge compliment. The independent woman doesn’t chose just anybody. She wants a soul mate to take over the world with. Someone with goals and ambition. She understands that you will need her attention but she is not the kind of girl to devote her whole being to you. Just remember that she had a life she enjoyed before you came along & if you leave she will continue to love her life. She doesn’t NEED anyone & will be perfectly fine if you leave. But she doesn’t want you to – so don’t!  🙂

Get to the point.
Sometimes she will seem harsh – but surely being honest and to the point is better in the long run? She won’t play games because duh she doesn’t have time for that. She hasn’t got time to waste going round in circles. Life is to short. Always get to the point so you have more time for making memories & being great together.

She will want to pay her own way & feel awkward if you pay all the time.
Everyone likes a treat and to be wined and dined. An Independent woman will want to treat you back. Don’t be offended she is just proud that she makes a decent living and doesn’t like feeling like she owes anyone anything. She will be quick to get you back next time you pay for the Nandos!

She will be the most stubborn person you have ever met.
She will be stubborn and when dealing with a difficult situations she will want to try to resolve it her own way first – despite everyone else’s opposite advice she will go with what her heart tells her. Let her have her moment and don’t say ‘I told you so’ if it backfires. Just be her strong significant other and help her pick up the pieces and put them back together your way – Brownie points for convincing her that it was her idea all along!

She comes across as ‘stiff’ but she still needs affection.
She might not act like your biggest fan all the time and shower you in affection. She will know when it is appropriate and when it is not. She is human though and despite coming across at times as stiff or not wanting affection – deep down she loves it! Give her bum a cheeky slap and kiss her with passion next time you see her – She will dig that!


Let me know if you are dating an independent woman – what are your survival tactics?




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