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Cut yourself some slack.

So just recently my life has been super manic. In the last year I have moved house 3 times, I have just finished an accountancy course, I have recently started a new job and moved to a whole new county.  To say it has been stressful is an understatement. I have had tantrums, tears and Terri-moments on several occasions but have managed to power through and well Its all falling into place nicely.

People always comment on my lack of CHILL. I get anxious if I have jobs outstanding and I struggle to focus if I have to much hanging over my head. I hate failing and I have always hated asking for help. So quite often I would find myself in hard to manage situations all alone. (Cue the violins) .

This year I have been practising my technique and I think I have finally mastered the art of ‘cutting myself slack’.

Here are my top tips:

Stop comparing yourself to others.
With social media this is so easy to do! Everyone has different goals, budgets and dreams. So just remember that while their life may seem perfect – you are only seeing what they want you to see. In reality they are just as human as you and no doubt have a problems of their own.

Make Lists.
If you have loads to do and not enough hours in the day, start by organising yourself properly. Make a list of everything that you want to accomplish and prioritise the most urgent ones. I get great satisfaction from crossing things off my lists & also it means I’m not wasting time flapping about what I need to do and I spend more time actually being productive.

Learn to put yourself first.
Are you one of those people who are always putting others first? Well that’s great and you should totally win an award but don’t forget to have some ‘YOU’ time. The only person we really need to please in life is ourselves. So realise you are AWESOME. Make sure you set yourself some time out to do the things that keep you sane. Ain’t no shame in turning off your phone and shutting yourself away to indulge in yourself for a few hours.

Accept that how you feel right now is only temporary.
Tantrum alert?! I bet you will feel differently about this later down the line. It may even feel silly. Try sleeping on it. Whatever it is take yourself away from it and address it when you are calm and with a rational head on. Remember that bike you totes wanted when you were 5 or that test you didn’t get an A in? Yeah look how irrelevant that seems now now! Lol. What are we like?!

Bubble baths & candles.
Just because!

Accepting that you are your own worst critic.
I always worry about what others think and how other people see me. Sometimes I am so damn harsh on myself. I quite often find that I slag myself off to the high heavens and yet when I ask someone else’s opinion I am convinced that they are not seeing the same image as me! You are your own worst critic and more often than not other people don’t even pick up on the things you dig yourself out over! Calm down 🙂 Your perfect.

Salon time.
This always cheers me up – if you are stressed treat yourself to a manicure, a massage or a wash & bouncy blow dry. You will feel ready to take on the world again by the time you leave the salon!

Talk it out.
 I used to bottle things up and try to take on to much by myself I would end up in a mess in tears on the floor until someone found me. I have recently figured out and am actually starting to really believe that ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’.  This is honestly so true sometimes just talking through your plans/ideas/problems can really help you get some perspective and get a good plan of action together. Sometimes you will feel silly for getting so worried and something as simple as talking it out with someone can sometimes erase the problem all together.

We are so worried about where we are heading that we forget to look back at what we have achieved and where we have come from. You doubted yourself back then but here you are! Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for everything you have achieved so far.

Ask for help.
I like to think I am a super independent woman (Thanks Beyonce) & I like to think I can do anything in the world and do it by myself. The truth is sometimes I am to ashamed to ask for help. I get in a right state and dig myself into a real hole for no reason. In all honesty it’s okay to ask for help. Those who love you will want to help you reach your goals. You can’t take on the whole world alone and nobody expects you to. Give yourself a break. Many hands make light work after all!


What do you do to relax or overcome challenges?
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5 thoughts on “Cut yourself some slack.

  1. I sit in park for an hour or so and it relaxes me. Sometimes I spend time with street dogs . Feed them food or walk with them .They are lovely. 🙂

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