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7 Things my parents did not prepare me for.

  1. PMT – I don’t remember my mum ever having PMT, or a breakout or crying uncontrollably because she couldn’t find her favourite mascara. Like honestly what is PMT and why does it hate me?



  2. Shaving rash – It doesn’t matter what lotions and potions are used either. I will, without fail, end up with shaving rash on at least one part of my body every time. Why was I not informed of this? I would have started waxing from day 1. If you have ever had a wax (after shaving for years) you will know why it was important to have this information to hand before making the fatal mistake of opting for the Venus!
  3. Contouring – I don’t think it was popular back then so in fairness it isn’t my parents fault that I wasn’t prepared but I still feel hard done by. How will I ever master this? I haven’t had any proper training and if I don’t learn it now I won’t be able to leave the house again!?!
  4. Boys – I mean I know what a boy is – but was I prepared for the impact they would have on my life? Hell no! I was not informed of their mechanics or how I would obsess over them forever (As soon as I left the ‘boys smell and are yuck’ phase!. LOLz
  5. Which brings me to Break ups – While my parents were always there to comfort me back to sanity after a break up they never really stood a chance of preparing me for this! Seriously don’t worry – your bruised ego will heal. Your tears will eventually stop and despite how it feels at the time – you will be even happier in the future! #Theirloss!
  6. Wine – Despite turning your nose up at it over Christmas dinner as a youngster and hating wine for the first 20 years of your life, admit it – you like it now don’t you? Maybe to much too! I never saw that coming!wpid-wp-1447151046745.png


  7. After wine comes hangovers – As a parents they had to crack on didn’t they? They were not authorised to die of a hangover because who would look after the kids? So we never witnessed the struggle. Well believe me it is real and it does hurt!
    My Hangover cures include: Nandos, Ready Salted crisps & Lucazade. It will not cure you – but it will help!wpid-wp-1447422084178.png

Do you have any to add to this?
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4 thoughts on “7 Things my parents did not prepare me for.

  1. Maybe it’s time we had the mother daughter chat….one minute you were cradled in my arms…now look at you ! blogging !!! So proud of all those years and the fact that I may have forgotten to warn you about everything but that you have grown into a beautiful, clever 20 something young lady with a good head on your shoulders XXX

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