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Skin hair and nails


Skin Hair Nails.

These little beauties have literally been my best friend this month. I have been taking them for around 4 weeks now and in this short time I can see a huge improvement in the condition of my hair & nails. Sadly I haven’t noticed an improvement in my skin yet but there is still time.

A Quick Hair History Lesson.
I have mid length very thick hair that has always been poker straight until maybe two years ago when it suddenly decided to develop a slight frizzy curly and hard to manage mess. I have put my hair under tremendous stress over the years with regularly colouring, bleaching and torturing it with heat. Its a slow and painful event trying to grow my hair as it honestly takes forever!

So a year ago I decided to follow the Essex trend and I had 18 inch Keratin bond extensions installed. After having my extensions for a year I decided to remove them myself (I took them out myself with Acetone Nail polish remover FYI – Don’t do this!) & considering the process  my hair survived and was in surprisingly good condition but it was lacking the length that I had gotten so used to having over the last year.
Which brings me to buying these supplements.

So here is my review


Overall condition: Okay so firstly my hair has never been so shiny. Seriously I can almost see my own reflection! Not in a greasy gross kind of way either just a ‘hey look at me I’m super healthy’ kind of way!

Growth: My hair usually takes forever to grow but it has started growing at a much faster rate than usual. #Win! I keep catching myself in the mirror like ‘damn girl hairs looking good – oh my. Thats me. Babe you seen this? Look at these treses’ 🙂

I can only guess that this is down to the fact that my hair is no longer breaking every time I take a brush to it. I’m realisitic I know these can’t work miracles but what I do know is that my hair is so strong and healthy that it wants to take on the world right now!

I feel like rapunzel! LOL.

I didn’t buy these to improve my nails, it didn’t really cross my mind tbh. I kind of just accepted the fact that I will have to paint them forever more.. They are so brittle and flaky that I never expose them. However in the last few weeks I have been pleasantly surprised. My nails are looking sassy naked! The lack of breakage is amazing and the overall condition of my nails has improved so much. They no longer look like the nails of a labourer and more like nails I see on insta!

So to sum it up my hair is the most fabulous it has been since I had Virgin unstressed hair. My nails are on the mend and my skin – well I never really had bad skin to begin with and it’s no worse than when I started. So I’m a happy girl right now.

So that’s my opinion. FYI I’m not paid just review this product (hell I’m a nobody). I just think this product was worth a mention and more people who are having hair/nail problems should give them a go!

I will leave the link below for you. If you found this useful please leave me a comment and share this post.

Ciao 🙂


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